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19th-Dec-2010 04:40 pm(no subject)
my heaven
Life is moving forward. A bit too quickly I might add. I'm still living in September. What is this Christmas nonsense you are all talking about? 
In the matter of 3 months life has been turned upside down and right side up. But everything is staying the same. I'm not too sure how to make any sense of this at all. I'm being a litle cryptic, aren't I?

Um. I need a new layoutbut I'm so lazy and don't feel like making another one. I'll probably keep the same general style, just change the colors and header. But even still, I'm lazy. Though, it will remain GTOP, but I do like to look at those two on a daily basis.

Merry Christmas, I guess. Since all you crazies have been talking about it. Really, December isn't for another... 3 months at least.
26th-Nov-2010 01:32 pm(no subject)
gd whot?
I'm not dead.
Not really busy, either.
I've just been far to lazy to bother with updating this thing lately. To be entirely honest there hasn't been a whole lot of excitement in my life recently. Isn't that always the story? LOL.

I've made some new friends so thats pretty cool and there are now guys in our little circle. Not that there wasn't before but guys we interact with on a daily basis and see often. Its strange because our little circle has expanded to include a sex otherwise completely forgien (i could never spell that word) and unknown to us. It's been fun so far.

We're travelling to Halifax with them this weekend and I'm retardedly excited for it. Even though we'll only be spending a night. Ah well. At least I'll get to see Kelly and Sean again! It always seems that this is the time of year that my Kelly and Sean quota is filled.

I really wish I had something of interest to update with. Sorry guys. Maybe next time? Love you! ♥
22nd-Sep-2010 08:43 am(no subject)
I offically have a cold. Ugh. And its majorly kicking my ass. I've had worse colds than this with the runny nose and eyes and throat that feels like you've swallowed a ball of spikes but this one.. even though it's not bad yet (knock on wood), is really killing me. I'm tired and just feel bleh. And, it's in my  ears this time. I've never had a cold in my ears before.
I feel disgusting and lazy and exhausted even though I just got a full 7 hours of sleep. Boooo

Life update: Petro Can is going well. I'm liking a lot more than Sobeys. Even though customers suck it's nice to have human interaction. Busing to and from work kinda blows too.

I think today is going to be one of those blah days.

I really want to bleach/dye my hair again because the blue is really gross looking. But I already have about an inch and a half of my natural color grown out and bleaching will end up killing my hair. :\ But I'm just getting really really sick of looking at the blue which has turned greeny.
11th-Sep-2010 03:15 pm(no subject)
GD embarassed
On music specialty site, Monkey3, a survey was put up with the question 'The artist you're waiting to make a fall comeback in 2010 is?'. Out of a total of 1076 votes, 2NE1 won first place, scoring a total of 336 votes (31%).

Before their comeback performance, their three title songs, 'Go Away', 'Can't Nobody', and 'Clap Your Hands' swept up the positions 1st-3rd on various online music real time charts, including Monkey3.

BEAST placed 2nd place with 155 votes (14%) . With their subsequent hit songs, 'Shock' and 'Mystery', they are a rapidly rising idol group. The lead vocal, Yang Yoseob, received surgery due to rhinitis, and BEAST is scheduled to make a comeback when he is fully recovered.

1TYM's name rose to third place, who will be resuming activities with their 6th album with 155 votes (14%).

1TYM IS MAKING A COMBACK?! Is this shit serious!? I will die if they do a comeback and shit myself if I have my hopes up for no reason! ;~; 1TYM.....
4th-Sep-2010 02:33 pm(no subject)
my heaven




25th-Aug-2010 04:31 pm(no subject)
my heaven

Spell your name out in songs.

Kiss kiss kiss - Hwayobi
-yo - Shinee
urn it Up - TOP
iding Games - Fly to the Sky
Lil Hispter Girl - LMFAO
xcuses - Epik High
ncore - Linkin Park & Jay-Z
umber 1 - Big Bang

rest of the meme stole from SaraCollapse )
13th-Aug-2010 01:09 pm(no subject)
GD embarassed

Here is another life update. Lots has been happening since I did one of these, surprisingly!

First off, Tiffany and I got to hang out with Meaghan when she was in Cape Breton. We didn't do a whole lot, just drove around for a few hours but it was a lot of fun. Good times! It was nice to get to see her again. ♥
I can't wait to see you in the Syds again.

Secondly, I'm officially changing my job. I'M GETTING OUT OF SOBEYS! Granted, I still work there currently but soon, my precious, soon. I'm training at PetroCan and I'll be full time there in September hopefully and I'll be able to leave Sobeys ASAP. PetroCan is already 10times better than Sobeys. It might just be the excitment and novelty of a new job, but really, I can't wait to be done with that hole.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I'm not dead! This past weekend Tiffany, Kim, Jeff, Caelum, Kristen and myself all went camping at a place called Pollets Cove. Jesus, I don't think LiveJournal will allow me to post something big enough to recall the whole tale (and honestly, I'm getting tired of telling it. I think I've recounted our adventures 5 times already and each time it gets slightly more epic).
Anyway, so, the 3 and a half hour hike that we were told the hike was originally ended up being 6 hours. Not so awesome. Plus we left at 4:00pm for the hike which means we arrive at the site, in the dark, at 10:00pm. Thats not the worst of it. The hike itself was made by Satan himself. There was rockclimbing and sheer incline at some points and Tiffany and I had 25lbs bags on our backs while everyone elses packs weren't too far off. We're city slickin' folk. This hike was NOT meant for beginners. I am not exaggerating when I say that if you misstepped to the left even slightly at some points in the trail you would have  fallen off a cliff and, needless to say, to your ultimate demise. Rocks and ocean hundreds of feet below us.
We managed to make it to the half way point 4 hours later.  We were going to camp but there was fear of coyotes so we pushed forward. Eventually we got seperated. Kim and Jeff stayed behind while Caelum was somehwere in the middle and Tiffany, Kristen and I went forward to set up the tent with absolutely no idea how far we were from the actual camping site.
So, at 10:00pm we make it to Pollets Cove. To get into the actual cove you need to treck down a very steep hill and all we had was a head lamp and the stars to light us. There were, surprisingly, no casualties in our party. Kim and Jeff, however, we weren't so sure about. Caelum had caught up with us at this point and Kim and Jeff were left to fend for themselves on the trail overnight.
We threw the tent together and collectively managed to get two hours of sleep. Tiffany, Kristen and Caelum attempted to go back for Kim and Jeff at least three seperate times but we were all exhausted and they could barely make it past the first hill into Pollets cove.
The next morning, Kristen and Caelum went to find Kim and Jeff, found them, but had to continue two hours back on the trail to retrieve a bag Caelum had to leave on the trail because one of the other bags broke.
Reuniting with Kim and Jeff was probably the happiest moment of my life. I didn't care what happened to any of us because they were safe and sound and NOT nommed but coyotes. And surprising they didn't hate us. I was totally prepared to have them tolerate us for the rest of the camping trip but never wanting to see us after that.
Anyway, after that huge ordeal, camping was extremely fun. Wild horses came right up to our tent and we could pet them and love them and we met a couple who were camping on the beach who were absolutely amazing. They were possibly the nicest people I have ever met.
Camping is the uninteresting part, however.
When we were preparig to leave we discovered that our boat that we had booked wouldn't be able to pick us up as scedualed. The marien radio we had was pretty sketchy and we had  absolutely no cell phone reception out there. It was iimpossible to get a hold of anyone and we were not risking the hike back. Tiffany had sprained her te and the rest of us were just physically unable to treck back.
After a huge ordeal of trying to contact someone for hours we  sent a note back with other hikers with a number to call so no one thought we were dead. After that we prepared to camp another night.
That night It absolutely poured. The skies opened up and because of the clouds it was black. Seriously. People joke about not being able to see a hand infront of their face but we really couldn't. It was pretty freaky.
We passed out and woke up, packed up and waited for Captain Mark to come and get us. It was stormy and were confident he wouldn't be able to get us again. But, then, swet Jesus! He radioed us and said he'd be there in 10 minutes. Seeing him approaching us in his boat was the most glorious thing I have ever seen. It may have been my heat exhaustion but at the moment I think I was in love with Captain Mark. As I am retelling this story you will get a skewed image of this man. But this is how I will recall this story from now on.
A light from heaven was cast upon this man. His bronze muscles gleamed in the light and long golden curls billowed in the wind as he approached the cove. Without hesitation he stripped down to his underwear and dove into the water, swam up to the beach where upon he scooped each one of us up into his arms and carried us back to the boat and drove us back to civilization.
This is how it happened. I shit you not.

Then we boated back. The end.
Except we had the most AMAZING breakfast ever when we got back.
The end for reelz.

I LOVED camping there, I would do it again in a heart beat. I just hate uncertainty and there was so much of that while we were camping. I think thats what stressed me out. Kim and Jeff being lost nearly gvave me a heart attack while being stuck there for an extra day stressed me out because so many people were missing out on work and people were worrying about us.
Anyway, I kind of want to go back next year... only this time boat in and back.
7th-Aug-2010 07:42 am(no subject)
my heaven
So. In about an hour I'm leaving to go on a 2 and 1/2 hour car ride to go on a 3-4 hour hike to spend 2 days in the wilderness. I've been awake since 5:00. I managed to get a whole 3 hours of sleep. FML.
I woke up to a stabbing pain in my spine and stomach. What the hell? Fuck you too, life. I'm hoping that it will go away once I am on the road and have more food in my stomach. And hopefully I'll actually able to sleep in the car a little.
I seriously tried everything to get back to sleep but between the sickness and worrying about if I packed everything I needed, I could get my mind or my body to just give me at least 20 more minutes. Ugh. I know this is going to come back to bite me in the ass.
Also, its only 7:30 and I'm already sweating buckets. UGGGGH. What is with the humidity?! 
And.. yesterday my washing machine broke in the midst of doing a load of laundry. I had to manually drain it into a bucket and dump the bucket into the sink. BAH!
I like to complain.


If this doll isn't based on TOP then I must be crazy.

And this doll has be based off of Bom

Back when I was getting into these dolls I just assumed they were all Japanese, but now I know most of the makes are Korean. Even if I didn't know that those dolls were based off of TOP and Bom, I probably would have wanted them. Especially the girl. She's so pretty! 
25th-Jul-2010 11:43 am(no subject)
my heaven

I suck with life and guys in generalCollapse )

After the sobeys party I had full intention of coming home and being lazy on the computer. As I was waiting for it to boot up I laid in bed and went unconcious. Seriously. I didn't even move. I know this because I put my phone on my pillow before I passed out and when I woke up it was still in the same spot. I don't think I realized how tired I was.

Now to eat something disgustingly greasy and heart stopping to make me feel better.
24th-Jul-2010 05:22 pm(no subject)
donghae lol

tatteredhood (5:18:56 PM): new meaning to the phase pizza face

tatteredhood (5:19:03 PM): I SPELLED PIZA RIGHT FOR ONCE!

tatteredhood (5:19:05 PM): ...

ignore the fact that I typoed 'phrase' as 'phase'. Clearly my fingers hate me today.

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